Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Stage Beckons

Over the next few weeks, I will be performing in a local community theatre production of a lovely Canadian play entitled "The Wakowski Brothers."

What does this mean for my blog?  I'm glad you asked.  What that means is that I am now in crunch mode.  I have very little on my mind besides the play.  Apart from my usual duties as a productive adult, I am using my twenty fifth hour to rehearse choreography and run my lines.

This is my first real return to the stage as an actor in about thirteen years.  While living in Calgary, Alberta I performed in a small production of Maskerade, a Discworld novel by the late Terry Pratchett.  One of many from the series that has been adapted for the stage.  In high school I was heavily involved in all kinds of stage productions as either an actor or as a musician, but after a couple of mediocre experiences with community theatre groups, I left the stage and went about my business for a while.

It has been very exciting returning to that world, and I look forward to writing about it in the future.  Theatre folk make great inspiration for a blog about gaming, especially role-playing games.  I have a few ideas, but am lacking the necessary free time to put them down in some sort of sensible form.

So I will take the next few weeks off from writing for you.  My table at the BTGC is being looked after by my friend Shayne, and I am excited to return in April to see what sort of chaos the party has wrought.  Alex is opening the centre up, and between he an Mike, the place will be locked up each Thursday as I parade around on stage, dramatizing and highlighting the world of Vaudeville in Cape Breton in the nineteen twenties.

I will miss you these next few weeks, but I will return.  The life of a middle aged, small town community theatre performer and gaming enthusiast calls.

Somebody has to do it...

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