Tuesday, 18 April 2017

One More Week

Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed a break of sorts from this blog.  I say of sorts, because I simply didn't have the time to write for it.  Between plays and family and gainful employ, I could not direct any of my energies towards wordsmith-ing of any kind.

And the break has been refreshing.  I couldn't go to game night, either.  And that was as refreshing as it was frustrating.  However, it gave me the time to look at the world through muggle eyes.  I was a normy for a bit.

So with a weekend approaching that holds almost no plans beyond the mundane, I am excited to get back to the keyboard.  Next week there will be new content.  I have quite a bit that I could say, so I have no idea what will be said.  Isn't that exciting?

For those of you that have hung on, I thank you wholeheartedly.  Your faith in me is very welcome and appreciated.

Until next week, my mad adventuring friends...

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